After the Leak…GOT Season 7 Episode 6

HBO’s Game of Thrones has crossed its Season 7 midpoint and nobody knows what the Hell is really going on…still.

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Now, that’s certainly an interesting way to start a book. Could you imagine cracking open a chunky novel and the first thing you read is “The story so far”.

A friend of mine showed me this picture and honestly, I don’t know if its just a wind up or someone having a laugh, but I thought that was a fast track to literary disaster.

What do you think? Would you read a book that began with such drivel? Or is it really genius and I’m daft?

Plastic in My Tea! No Way!

Maybe I’m a bit late, but I just discovered that there is plastic in my tea bag. Oh, no!

It turns out that tea bags are only 70-80% biodegradable. They contain a plastic compound called polypropylene. That’s a synthetic plastic resin that is used in lots of packaging, but that doesn’t mean I want traces of it in my tea.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid about that last part, but it’s still not that good for the environment. According to – more than 165 million cups of tea are brewed each day in the United Kingdom. Also, 96% of those cups were brewed using polypropylene (The Guardian). That makes a substantial environmental impact when taken all together.

I guess the only solution for me is to drink loose leaf tea and use a pot and strainer.

How posh and proper?!

Book Fairies in Central London

So, one of my new favorite authors Frederick S. Blackmon got picked by #ibelieveinbookfairies. They tucked away some hidden copies of his new science fiction book “Serandes: Corporation City” all around Central London. I think that is a really cool idea for this city because people in London love to read….on the tube….waiting for a bus…or just whenever. So, kudos to the Book Fairies. I knew you were out there all along.

Check out the video:

Book Fairies in Central London


Always Reading


Ever since I can remember, I was always reading. I used to read the childrens’ books until I was way older. I just liked the simplicity of them. I would read lots of Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were favorites of mine.

Finally, people started trying to tell me what to read. “Get serious. Read the classics of literature…Austen and Dickens and such.” I started working at a book store when I was a teenager and would just pick a book. Read it and repeat that process until I had read well over a hundred books.

I realized it’s not important what you read….just that you read. Find something…anything…and let your imagination soar.